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 Amplifier / Comparator:
   Audio Amplifiers
   Operational Amplifier
   Voltage Comparator

Power Management:
   Combo IC

   DDR Termination Regulators
   FET Bias Controllers
   Inverting DC-DC Converter
   Li-Battery Protection or Charger IC
   Linear Regulators
   Low Dropout Linear Regulators
   Power Factor Control 
Voltage Mode PWM Controller IC
   Current Mode PWM Controller
   Green Mode PWM Controller

   Shunt Reference Regulators
   Step Down Switching Regulators
   Step-Up DC-DC Converter and Controller
   Supervisory Circuit
   Power Switch
   High-Speed MOSFET Driver
   Green Mode PWM Power Switcher
   Voltage Detection and System Reset IC
   White LED Driver

 Analog Switches:
   Analog Multiplexers, Demultiplexer ICs
   Video Signal Switch

Hall ICs

 Special Application ICs:
   A-D or D-A Converters

   Alarm /Sound Generator IC
   Automotive IC
   Christmas Lamp Controller
   Interface and Driver Circuit
   Leakage Current Detector
   Melody IC
   Motor Controller IC
   Mouse & Keyboard Controller
   Radio and Cassette Recorder Circuit
   Remote Controller IC
   Telecommunication Circuit
   Television Circuit


 Bipolar Transistors:
   SOT-23  SOT-89  SOT-223  SOT-323  SOT-523  
TO-92  TO-92NL  TO-92SP  TO-126  TO-126C  
TO-220  TO-251/TO-252  TO-3  TO-3PML TO-263

 Darlington Transistors

 Dual Chip Transistors
   Complex Bipolar Transistors
   Complex Digital Transistors

Built-In Bias Resistor Transistors

   Power Mosfet



   Zener Diodes
   Schottky Diodes
   Switching Diodes

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